Monday, June 24, 2019

Saw Week - Saw (2004)

As I mentioned previously I'm dubbing this week Saw Week at the Halls.  Here's my review of the first flick and rules for using Jigsaw's games in your Vigilant City game.

Synopsis: A photographer and oncologist regain conscious and find themselves chained in a disgusting bathroom. They are soon realize they must play a twisted game created by the killer known as Jigsaw if they wish to survive. 

The Good: I love Cary Elwes. He's a great actor and Dr. Lawrence is one of the best characters in the franchise. Danny Glover is intense as the obsessive Detective Tapp. The film has a wonderfully grimy aesthetic which makes the horrific actions done even worse. The reveal at the end is also one of the best I've seen on the screen.

The Bad: I would have liked to know what happened to Tapp. I've read his story continues in the first Saw video game, but I'd rather see it on screen.

Final Thoughts: I should have watched this film years ago. It really wasn't as graphic or mindless as I expected it to be. This film is a great introduction to series and really sets things up nicely.  Though there are several flashbacks throughout, I want to go back and rewatch the movies, now that I know the twists and turns to see if they are set-up as nicely as I think.

In Your Game: 

Jigsaw's Games (Part I)

The traps designed by Jigsaw are so horrific most regular citizens must make a courage save to attempt the self-destructive action that will require them to win the game. The Critical saving throw should be used once the character starts experiencing trauma. Surviving one of the changes a person forever. Nearly all survivors have physical scars. However, it truly does make a person stronger and after surviving the ordeal the character gains one of the following bonus: +1d4 Hit Points, +1 to Wis, +1 to Con. 

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