Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Beware The Meth-Gators!

Meth Gators have been in the news lately. While drugs would be too diluted to actually affect gators, it's a great monster idea. Feel free to add meth-gators to  your Country Crawl Classics and Umerica games. Don't be surprised if a version of this ends up in a Lone Bards zine in the future.


Init +1, Atk Bite +4 melee (3d4); AC 18; HD 4d8; MV 30' or Swim 40'; Act 1d20/1d14; SP camouflage, exploding heart, hyper aware; SV Fort +5, Ref +2, Will -3; AL N

Meth-gators are masters of camouflage and receive a +10 bonus to all attempts at hiding. The drugs coursing through their system also make them hyper aware, giving them a +5 bonus to spotting intruders in their swampy domains. However, the drugs coursing through their system has negative effects. If a meth-gator fumbles on an attack it's heart violently explodes, leaving those within a 15 radius splattered in gator gore.

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