Tuesday, July 16, 2019

What Is Flammable Hospital?

I had a nice chat the other day with Jarrett Crade, the twisted mastermind behind Country Crawl Classics. Towards the end of the conversation he mentioned noticing my copy was damaged and asked if I'd like a fresh copy. Today I received my new copy AND a copy of a probably related item, Flammable Hospital. I say they are probably related because they were made by a lot of the same mad folk and one of the endings from CCC has your characters arriving at Flammable Hospital.

So what is Flammable Hospital? Well it's a hospital that's constantly on fire. It's also a treatise/memoir on the act of writing and getting high legally. Finally, its a 12 page zine (counting inside covers) of a bizarre TV soap opera meets wtf charts and tables. There's a name chart, a couple of character creation charts, one zero level, and another variable. There's an extremely bizarre random events chart, and some other just weird tables and such. There is a map of the hospital and a list of the the departments.

Honestly, I'm not 100% what to make of Flammable Hospital. What is it? It's an exercise in zine madness. I love it though. It's just so weird and I really appreciate Jarrett sending me a copy.

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