Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Survive This!! Zombies! - The Wrestler

As I mentioned in this post, I'm working on a STZ2E setting: Romero County, WV. Because of my love of wrestling (and that I know wrestling is big in rural parts of WV), I'm making that a part of the setting. For that reason, I've created a Wrestler class for the game. This is a very early draft. Let me know what you think.


It may come as a surprise, but wrestling survived Z-Day. Strong and agile survivors often take up the role of Wrestler. While it seems silly to grapple the undead, wrestling style can be an effective style in close quarters or against singular undead. Whether fighting other Wrestlers or zombies, these tough sob's battle to entertain other survivors. With their unarmed skills, Wrestlers also excel keeping the peace without the use of firearms, so often serve as law enforcement in conclaves.

ATTRIBUTE BONUS: +1 to Con and Str OR Dex and -2 to Wis

EQUIPMENT: Tights/Costume, Gym Bag, gimmick item

ABILITY BONUS to d20 Rolls:
+3 to Unarmed Attack Rolls
You get +1 to this each time your level up.

Special Ability: You are trained in the Wrestling skill and your unarmed attacks do d6+Str damage. You also choose one of the following special abilities.

Garbage Wrestler: You can hit people really hard with foreign objects in the right. You can use any object you can pick up as a melee weapon with now penalty and do an additional +1 damage with melee weapons. This bonus increases every even level. You also have a Lucy.

Grappler: You get a +1 to Grab attacks. This bonus increases each time you level up.

High Flyer: You gain a +3 to Basic Athletics. You take no damage from falls less than 20 feet and reduce damage from other falls by 1d6 damage. You can Kip-Up from the prone position without using any of  your movement.

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