Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Ash Wednesday - Necronomithong for Slashers & Survivors

This is the second game I’ve statted these out for, but it seemed fitting since it’s April 1st.

The Necronomithong

No one knows who created this truly horrendous artifact (or what woman would want it near her lady bits), but it exists and the world is more damned for it. The piece of horrific clothing is sentient and can speak if it chooses. Yeah, yikes... It is also connected to the Necronomicon.  The wearer always knows in what direction and distance the tome is from them. The Necronomithong refuses to be covered by anything, but maybe a cute short skirt. Deadites and demons attracted to the wearer's gender are slightly enamored with them. They will not attack them first and the wearer makes persuasion roles against them with advantage.

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