Monday, June 3, 2013

Mastermind Monday - The Star Knights

Today I present to you the Star Knights, intergalactic peacekeepers. They are not my creation. They are part of the cosmic landscape in the Freedom City setting (and are similar to Marvel's Nova Corps and DC's Green Lantern Corp).

The Star Knights

Sword and shield, Star Stone's light,
shining beacon in our fight,
for justice, honor, truth, and right,
evil beware - the true Star Knight!
- The Star Knight Oath

The Order of the Star Knights was created centuries ago by the sentient and noble entity known as the Mentor (another Freedom City analog of the Kree Supreme Intelligence).. Altruistic, Mentor created a group of intergalactic champions of justice, recruited from the bravest and most noble of all species. He and his robotic servitors train the noble aliens to serve as a peace keeping force. The Knights are well respected by many cultures (including the Lor Republic) because of their policy of non-interference in internal affairs of the worlds they protect.

Each Knight wears an advanced suit of armor, powered by a connection the Star Stone (a powerful cosmic artifact of near limitless energy). When a Knight dies, his armor is returned to Mentor and the Citadel.

Three Knights have had a significant presence on Earth. The first was an alien named A'Lan Koor, who served on  the Freedom League during the 60's and 70's. He currently serves as a member of the Knights Inner Circle. The second is Maria Montoya, a former police officer recruited by the nights after she helped defend the Earth from an invasion by the Grue. She currently serves as a member of the Freedom League. The final Knight known to the heroes of Earth is the sole stain in the Knights' centuries of service. The Rojan Lhar betrayed the Knights and Mentor and sought to use the power of the Star Stone for himself. His attempts were foiled by Koor. Though stripped of his powers, he found a new source of power and has become the infamous BlackStar.

Star Knight Template
Skills: Investigation 4
Advantages: Fearless
Star Knight Armor (Device) - 88 Points
Blast 10, Comprehend 2 (Languages), Deflect 9, Enhanced Strength 8, Flight 10 (2,000 MPH), Protection 10 (Impervious 10), Immunity 10 (Life Support), Movement 4 (Environmental Adaptation: Zero-G, Space Travel 3),  Senses 4 (Communication Link, Direction Sense, Low-Light Vision, Radio}

Skills 2 (4 Ranks) + Advantages 1 + Powers 88 = 91

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