Thursday, March 17, 2016

Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers - Session 7: Goodbye For Now

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This smug bastard had to die.
The session started with the party refueling and do a bit of business at High Horn Keep. Returning to the valley, they decided to enter one of the unexplored caverns, hoping to find a short cut to the cultist cave. They wound up in the minotaur's labyrinth. After a brief skirmish, they slew the horned beast and made their way into the secret entrance to the bugbear lair. After, quickly dispatching the corpulent bugbear chief and his bride, the party decided to head straight to the cultists cave entrance. They clear two rooms of undead abominations before making there way to the evil chapel. The generic chaos religion of the original adventure became worship of the Dark Three (Myrkul, Moander, and Bhaal). Valkorme's blazing sword set the tapestry on fire and Alton attempted to steal some of the valuable, but obviously desecrated vessels. Everan crushed one of the vessels, setting off an alarm. The party fought through waves of undead, until facing a dark armored priest, and the betrayer, Heinrick. After a tense battle, the forces of darkness were defeated.

  • For the third week in a row, Valkorme was on autopilot again because Stew had family obligations.
  • Cursed translated to Alton being affected by the Bane spell until receiving a Remove Curse spell.
  • Valkrorme took the minotaur's +1 double-sized great axe. It did 2d12 damage (plus magic enhancement), but he suffered disadvantage on all attacks with it because of it's unwieldy nature.
  • There were a few creatures in the caves that the party didn't face in the horde-mode battle at the end because of time restraints.
  • The finishing blow on Heinrick was quite satisfying. Alton launched himself at the bastard, buried his dagger and rapier in the cleric, and let them cut from shoulder to waist.
  • As I said before, this was the last session of the Itinerant Gentleman Adventures. It was a blast and definitely had the makings of an epic campaign. Once my friends are reunited, I will pick it up and our heroes will go on to even greater feats of daring and heroism. Until them I imagine them carousing at an inn like this:

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