Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Horror Movie Challenge - Stake Land 2 (2016)

This is no poster for Stake Land 2, so here's a shot of a more mature (and bitter) Martin.
 Synopsis: After New Eden and his new family is massacred Martin seeks out the only man that can help him get revenge, Mister.

The Good: Nick Damici and Connor Paolo are an amazing duo. I'd love to see them work together on other projects. This film is a true sequel and references events and characters from the first. It further builds on the lore of the movies and we get a glimpse into Mister's history. Another thing I liked about this movie is that there was an older gay couple (Doc and another gent that Mister used to run with) that are adorable.Their relationship is never made a big deal, but it's sweet and feels genuine.

The Bad: For this movie to happen, the relatively happy ending of the first had to be broken. That does make me sad.

Final Thoughts: I just randomly found out this was going to debut on Syfy this past weekend. There's no promotional materiel for it, which is a bit disappointing. 

In Your Game: Once again if you're playing All Flesh Must Be Eaten, I've got your Stake Land vamps here. If you're playing Cinematic Unisystem the vamp quicksheets in Buffy or Angel will do, though you should decrease the intelligence to 1. Also stats for Mister can be found here.

New To Me Movies Watched: 18
Total Movies Watched: 28

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