Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Red Dead Redemption - Bruisers

Back in 2011 I did a few posts based on my all time favorite video game, Red Dead Redemption and it's Undead Nightmare expansion. I statted the protagonist John Marston (regular and zombie), as well as his occasional companion/source of missions, Nigel West Dickens.

As far as the dead, I created stats for the Fresh Dead and Bolters. For some reason I never got around to doing Bruisers and Retchers. Today I start to correct that.


Str: 4 Dex: 3 Con: 2
Int: -2 Per: 2 Wil: 2
DPS: 42
Strength: Strong Like Bull (+4), Bite d4 X 2 (4) slashing, Bull Rush d6 X 2 (6) bashing and victim is knocked to the ground
EPS: n/a Senses: Like the Living (+1)
Essence: 6
Sustenance: All Flesh Must Be Eaten (0), Who Needs Food? (+8)
Spd: 18 Intelligence: Dumb As Deadwood (+0)
Skills: Brawling 2 Weak Spot: Brain (+6), Fire (-5)
Getting Around: Slow and Steady (+0). The Lunge (+3) Power: 17

Spreading the Love: No matter who or what the zombie is, it infects the living in the same way. People who are bitten must make a Constitution Test, with a +2 bonus for a scratch or a light wound (9 points or less), no penalty for a deep bite or wound (more than 10 points of damage), and -1 for severe injuries (more than 20 points of damage). The Zombie Master may wish to make these rolls in secret. If infected, the victim suffers a wasting disease which imposes a cumulative -1 penalty per day to all Tasks or Tests (i.e., -2 on the second day, -3 on the third day, etc.). After (Constitution + willpower)/2 days, the character dies. If a character is killed by a zombie bite, he will rise up as an undead nightmare in 3-30 minutes (3D10).

Background: Bruisers live up to their name. These big hombres are slow, but they are much stronger than your average undead nightmare. Don't let them get close or your going to find your back on the ground.

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