Thursday, April 13, 2017

K is for the King's Soldiers

The only official military presence in the region is stationed at the eastern edge of Portsmaw in Fort Massie. The group originally consisted of 50 individuals made up of the various goodly races (though primarily human and dwarf). While some of the original soldiers remain and new recruits get shipped in, like the the Iron Kettles, the commander recruits from Portsmaw natives.

While they soldiers were once a standard regiment, they have adapted to the region and now excel at guerrilla fighting techniques.

Commander Worthy Penicks - The head of the King's forces in Portsmaw is the charismatic half-dwarf Worthy. Named after his father's moniker, he is a stern commander that lives up to his name. Still he loves his men and is loved or at least respected by most. Due to his wife's, Misha, membership in the Iron Kettles, he does his best to stop any sort of rivalry between the groups.

Captain Donin Gloknier - Captain Donin might be a handsome man, but hidden behind his smile is contempt for those he believes are inferior (which is essentially everyone else). Born in the kingdom proper, but raised in Willsburg, he has a sense of entitlement that he hides well. He's currently trying to sow dissent among the ranks and is trying to create a conflict between the king's soldiers and the Iron Kettles. When not on duty, he can often found drinking with his best friend, Stephan Haze.

More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here.

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