Friday, April 14, 2017

L is for Lizardfolk

Before the humans and their allies came to the Portsmaw region, it was ruled by the lizard folk tribes. Lizardfolk live in harmony with nature and dwell peacefully with those that can do the same, including the local crawfolk. They dwell in tribes along the rivers, creeks, and marshes of the Oh'yio (which is itself a lizardfolk word).

While they have a respect for life and the cycle of nature, they also have a habit that civilized folk find deplorable. To one of the scaly kind, meat is meat, and the dead are a resource to be consumed.

The most commonly encountered lizardfolk are roughly man-sized green scaled humanoids. However, there not all tribes are identical. Some, such as the fearsome blackwater tribe, can reach up to 9 feet tall.

While there were minor skirmishes between the early human settlers of the region and the lizardfolk, tensions are rising as the nobles of Willsburg seek to exploit the land.


AC 5 [14]        HD: 1+1                Attacks: Spear (1d6)      Move: 12/12 (swim)

1 in every 20 lizardfolk will be a shaman. They can cast spells as a 3rd level witch. 

Blackwater Lizardfolk

AC 6 [13]        HD: 3+1               Attacks: Massive Club (1d6+2)      Move: 8/12 (swim)


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  1. Loving this Portsmaw series you have going!

    1. That's great to hear! I'm having a blast writing it.