Friday, September 15, 2017

My Gen Con Haul

I didn't go to Gen Con, but the amazing +David Coppoletti did. He picked up some goodies for me.

Dave picked up these two adventures and the Lamentations catalog for me. I'll do reviews of the books after I've read them.
More really cool swag he grabbed for me. I love weird west stuff, so even though I didn't know what Dark Trails was before today, I'm happy. Also , the DCC bookmark is a character sheet.
This is not technically from Gen Con, but it was in the Gen Con package he sent me. This is a trade we made for a Thing clix that he wanted. 
Okay these definitely aren't from Gen Con, but they came in this week and I love them. If you want Light City stats for the Wolverine, check out this post, and if you want to include the Marvel Zombies virus in your Mutant Crawl Classics/Dungeon Crawl Classics game check out this post.


  1. Cool stuff. I am not a total marvel-phile, but I don't ever remember Wolverine wearing a cape.

    1. The mini is inspired by this issue ( He had a cape in it.