Saturday, August 19, 2017

Light City - Wolverine, Lord of the Vampires


Real Name: James Howlett
First Appearance: What If.... #24 (1991)
AC 3 [16]      HD: 9    Attacks:  Claws (2d6+2) or Bite (1d6, see below)   Special: see below    Move: 12/15 (flying/bat form)

Wolverine can cast the following spells: Charm Person 3/day

A fearsome foe before his transformation, vampire Wolverine is even deadlier. His adamatium claws ignore nearly all forms of damage reduction. He can turn into a bat and has incredible strength. He is immune to damage from mundane weapons. He might be knocked back by a solid hit with a shovel or something of that nature (but it doesn't actually do damage). He regenerates 5 HP every round.  However, fire affects him just like it would any other man. He also takes 10 points of damage a round when in direct contact with the sun. Holy water can harm him and if presented by someone with conviction (though not necessarily religious conviction), he can be held at bay with a cross. He can be killed if a wooden stake is driven into his heart while in his coffin or by direct sunlight.

Anyone killed by Wolverine's bite will rise as a vampire. Being undead, he can be resurrected via certain black magics.

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  1. Vampire Wolverine really has an "awesome + awesome" thing going on...reminds me of an old Dragon Magazine comic (Nodwick, I think...?) where they encountered ninja pirates riding dinosaurs and just about gave up on sight.