Thursday, April 19, 2018

Q is for The Quick and the Dead (1995)

Synopsis: A tough as nails female gunslinger enters a shooting competition in a corrupt town. Her goal, kill the corrupt head of the town... the man who made her the person she is today.

The Good: A tough as nails female gunslinger enters a shooting competition in a corrupt town. There are some great character actors in this one. Keith David and Lance Henrickson are both great as some of the competitors. I mentioned before, I absolutely love DiCaprio's The Kid. Gene Hackman steals his scenes, but then again, he is Gene Hackman.

The Bad:
This is a B western with some interesting scenes and characters. It isn't masterpiece theater. 
The acting in general isn't the greatest, but if you like Sam Raimi's stuff, it's enjoyable.

The Ugly:  Stone's performance, while not bad, is kind of bland. Then again, she's a female version of a classic trope. She's just a quiet brooding hero with a dark past. Sometimes I like these heroes, sometimes I don't. I feel the same about Crowe's performance. It wasn't great, but it's not bad.

In Your Game:  


To simulate the tension and deadly nature of shoot outs in Six-Shooters & Wagons you can include the following optional rules.

In a duel, the shooter that wins initiative can make their attack a backstab. The attack gains a +4 to hit and inflicts double damage. If the character already has the ability to backstab, then this becomes a death attack. They gain the previous benefits, plus the target must making a successful saving throw or die.

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  1. Love this film - haven't seen it for ages. Must dig it out again! More great additions to Six-Shooters & Wagons.