Thursday, January 10, 2019

Full Moon Universe RPG

While my love is a recent thing, I've become a big fan of Full Moon Features. Like all studios, not everything they make is great. Hell by movie critic standards most of what they make isn't even good. However, if you like fun and cheesy horror and action, they're a gold mine of popcorn flicks.

Inspired by the idea of FM Comix Dollman Kills The Full Moon Universe, I've decided to turn the Full Moon Universe into a setting. Seriously, I think it's the perfect combination of weirdness, action, horror, and comedy. It would make a fun place to set a game. I'm going to use SURVIVE THIS!! (big shocker, I know) as the rule set, mixing Dark Places & Demogorgons with Vigilante City.

Here are the Full Moon characters I've statted so far:

Doctor Mordrid
Millard Findlemeyer the Gingerdead Man
Toulon Puppet (Generic)

In addition to those movies, I own several other FM flicks I plan on watching or rewatching soon, including: Subspecies, Castle Freak, Doll Man, Demonic Toys, Shadowzone, and Head of the Family. This isn't counting the sequels to several of these flicks.

My plan is to watch, review, stat, and then create a little fan made pdf with the Full Moon stuff, including an campaign hook (using Doctor Mordrid and Doll Man).