Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 13

Today's definitely not a Transformer was made for Valor Knights: The Electrocube War.


Evade: 15
HD: 1
HP: 17
Armor Points: 4/5 (with shield)
Level: 1 
Class: Warrior
Vehicle Form: Formula One Car

STR: +3 INT: -1 WIS: -2
DEX: +4  CON: +1 CHA: +0

Luck: 4
Attack Damage: 1d10


  • Double Attack - once per combat, Firestorm can make an additional attack after a successful attack, this attack must be the same kind of attack as the previous (such as ranged or melee)
  • Plasma Melee Axe - +2 damage with this weapon
  • Generate Ion Shield - can generate ion shield that negates 1 point of damage and increases Armor Points by 1


Firestorm is an extremely young and eager Valor Knight that only recently arrived on Earth. While he is a formidable fighter he often finds himself rushing in and getting in over his head. 

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