Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Regular Feature

I like having my themed regular posts. I haven't played Mutants and Masterminds in a long time, so I haven't done any Mastermind Monday posts for a while. I think Friday in Freeport has ran its charted course for now. Succubus Sunday will continue.

What will my new feature be?

Yup, regular posts for the Army of Darkness RPG.

The posts will be using Cinematic Unisystem, so they can be used in your Buffy/Angel/Ghosts of Albion games.

To get you ready I'm linking all of my Cinematic Unisystem post that thematically work well with the Army of Darkness rpg (i.e. those with the right blend of horror, camp, and slapstick).

Re-Animator (Herbert West, the reanimated, severed limbs) - Dr. West has crossed over into the Army of Darkness comics
Black Sheep (Killer Sheep and Weresheep) - campy and gorey movie with killer sheep, seems legit
Santa's Slay (Santa) - Ashley Williams versus evil Santa... this needs to happen
Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees) - Ash has already fought Jason in the comics
The Cabin in the Woods (Unicorn) - This movie owes a lot to the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness flicks and if you tell me Ash doesn't need to face a unicorn I'll tell you that you're wrong
Bubba Ho-Tep (The King) - I've statted out Bruce's version of the King as a Primitive Screwhead
Tremors/Red Dead Redemption (various) - If you want to send your promised ones to the old west, I've made some handy quicksheets based of of Tremors IV and Red Dead Redemption

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