Thursday, April 27, 2017

V is for Velvet Rose

While ladies of the night are a common sight at night in Portsmaw, for a truly decadent night, one should seek out the Velvet Rose. Located on the coast of the Oh'yio, just an hour north of town, this brothel caters to nearly all tastes. Originally a manor house for a noble that wished to escape the drudgery of Willburg, the Rose is a lavishly decorated home of sin and indulgence. However, despite what some of Father Bear's flock may say, all things done within it's walls are consensual.

Being the type of establishment it is, Boss Tide, has tried to get his fishy's claws into the Rose's clientele and profits. However  the owner, Madame Jasmine, protects her home and business with a clever fierceness that's frightening. In addition to her own formidable prowess, Jasmine has many allies, including the wizard Ryn and barbarian Crash.

Looking for a place to spend loot attained on a recent adventure? The Velvet Rose will let you experience your greatest earthly delights, for the right price...

Madame Jasmine (human witch) - This blonde Rubenesque seductress takes pride in her establishment and her workers. She demands her clients treat all of the men, women, and other folk beneath her roof with respect. She is also a devotee to the King of Disorder and the Rose serves as a temple of sorts.


More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here.

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