Wednesday, April 26, 2017

T is for Townies

Here's a small collection of townies that live in Portsmaw.

Clemont (half-elf magic-user) - A half-elf with ties to the Crabtree Clan, this brilliant young wizard is a prodigy of the magical arts. Not the most socially adept, he's often found in the company of the captain of King's soldiers, Worthy.

Wryn (human playwright/actor) - The boisterous Wryn is a townie known for his theatrical productions. The arts scene in Portsmaw would be next to non-existent without his patronage.

Delamb (gnome artist) - The reclusive Delamb is an artist of some renown. However, is aversion to conflict of any nature tends to keep him confined to his home, near the docks.

Meggles (fae) - While black cats crossing your path has significance in some cultures, it's fiery red-haired cats you should be wary of in Portsmaw. While she's quite mischievous, she has a love of children and often acts as a guardian angel.

Crash (human barbarian) - With a lineage hailing from distant lands, the mercenary Crash needs to do little to stand out. While his drinking binges and brawls are becoming legendary, there's more to the man that meets the eye and he has a love of poetry and music.

Hackon (human rogue) - Everyone in town knows the handsome and charming Hackon. One of the idle wealthy, he and his wife, the fiery haired Sha, dwell in a large estate in Portsmaw with their hounds. Everyone in town knows that his parties are the best, especially his annual fall festival fete.

Kellen Tallsmoke (gnome alchemist) - If you need medicine or herbs, this sarcastic gnome has it or knows how to get it. Just don't ask him about Highbottom leaf. He likes his business dealings on the legal side.

Halsey (human fighter) - Once an up and coming mercenary with the Iron Kettles, Halsey retired when she became pregnant with her first child. While she no longer adventures, she still finds herself drawn to those folk.


More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here.

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