Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C is for the Crabtree Clan

The Crabtree Clan

The Crabtree Clan is one of the most prolific extended families in the Portsmaw region. It's rare to find a native not related in some way to them (whether its by blood or marriage). Overall the clan represents the best and the worst among the folks of the area. Many are hard working folks that do what's best for their communities, while others are downright ornery and just lazy as any Willsburg noble.

Crabtrees of Note

Abigail Crabtree - This youngin' has the sight. Born under a moon as red as her hair, she has the ability to see and communicate with spookers and haints. Having lost her parents in a fire, she lives with her aunt Nora at The Royal Tavern.

"Silver" Sean Crabtree - Silver Sean is a balladeer and picker. A good man, Sean wanders the region helping those in need and livening spirits with his music. His voice is said to be so pure and clear that he could calm a raging cougar.

Any living creature hearing Sean sing must succeed on a saving throw roll or cease hostilities for 1d4 rounds. The compulsion is ended if the creature is attacked before this time ends.

Nora Crabtree - Nora is everyone's favourite bartender. The owner of the The Royale Tavern, she has an endless line of suitors. Few things happen in Portsmaw that Nora doesn't here about, making her a great source of information. What she can't learn from the living, her niece Abigail helps her learn from the dead.

Hiram "Pa" Crabtree - Hiram "Pa" Crabtree is one of the elders of the clan and also one of the finest boat captains of the Ohy'io. His flat bottom boat, the Running Duck, has never had a problem with a cargo run. Recently Pa has become alarmed at the rise in giant catfish attacks

Nup Crabtree - Nup is an oddity among the clan due to his half-orc nature. No one likes to talk about his pa, a traveling orc mercenary. When not working at the docks, he can be found drinking alone at Dirty Franco's. Boss Tide has his men trying to recruit Nup for muscle, but thus far the good-hearted orc has turned down the offers.

Silas and Sloan Crabtree - learn more about these shifty Crabtrees in this post.


More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here.


  1. Awesome. What's that art from? It fits perfectly!

    1. Unfortunately I didn't do the proper thing and cite my art. I'll try to find the source again tomorrow.

    2. Ah! That's no problem, no need to seek it back out! Just thought it was awesome how well it worked for the Crabtrees.

    3. The Crabtrees are a real family (and everyone is related to them), but I designed my npc's based mainly on the art. Abigail is loosely based off a dear friend and Silver Sean is inspired by Manly Wade Wellman's Silver John.