Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Will You Open The Dark Door?

Need more content for your SURVIVE THIS!! games? Of course you do! Jodie Brandt (aka Quest Wise) just released Conspiracy Theories A SURVIVE THIS!! Zine Issue 1: The Dark Door. Jodie has written several great books for Bloat Games including The Vampire Sourcebook and Werewolf Sourcebook for Dark Places & Demogorgons and Sanctuary Asylum for The Vigilante Hack. The first issue includes new content for Dark Places & Demogorgons and Zombies! 2nd Edition.

First we're presented with two new nasties just in time for Halloween. The small mangy Jackyl Lanterns the shadowy Malbeings. The first a graveyard dwelling critters that in game gave rise to myths about creatures like kobolds and will-o-wisps. The latter are the insubstantial spirits of murdered fey that seek to cause mischief and scare.

This is followed by two need adventure seeds for Zombies!. The Dark Door and When The Lights Go Out both include interesting hooks and two charts/tables which makes them reusable in different campaigns.

The final section of the book details a new mini campaign setting for Dark Places & Demogorgons, Crenshaw Wood. Located 20 miles southeast of J'town, it's a haunted place full of mystery. We get new stats for some ghosts that dwell in the area and a new magical curse. This area will be expanded upon in future issues and I think it's a welcome addition to the game.

The pdf is well worth the 2.99 asking price and there will be a print on demand option in the future.

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