Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dark Places & Demogorgons Werewolf Sourcebook Review

The newest Dark Places & Demogorgons books is out and it's a solid one. The Werewolf Sourcebook gives you everything you need to flesh out the hirsute horrors for your game. The introduction mentions that werewolf legends are ancient, even going back to ancient Greece. An aspect of lycanthropy discussed that I appreciate is the origin. In DP&D there isn't one way to become a werewolf. It could be a curse, a disease, a genetic condition, or something magically induced. A few pages are devoted to random werewolf generation. What I enjoyed most about this is the discussion of pc werewolves. This is followed by three adventures. They are:

  • Foreign Exchange - a 1 on 1 session for a 1st level character - while in Italy as foreign exchange student a character become infected with lycanthropy
  • High Noon For The Moon Beast - 3-4 characters of 1st level - a body is discovered which can lead to a monster hunt or murder mystery
  • Imaginary Friend - 3 to 6 characters - a trouble teen somehow brings his D&D character to life
The book ends with Silver Bullets and Teenage Werewolf in J'Town. Both of these things appeared in the core book. If you play Dark Places & Demogorgons or are an OSR player/DM that loves werewolves, you should pick this one up.

You can order it at OBS, but I recommend going to Lulu. There printing pops more and just looks better, overall.

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