Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dark Places & Demogorgons Vampire Sourcebook Review

Quick disclaimer... I don't actually own SURVIVE THIS!! - Dark Places & Demogorgons yet. I missed out on the Kickstarter. I'm snagging a hardcover next paycheck though and you can expect a full review and maybe some new monsters for it soon. All that aside I saw this book and decided to pick it up, even though I didn't have that one yet. Why? Because vampires...

When I think 80's horror, I think of bloodsuckers. Many of my favorite vampire movies are from the 80's: The Lost Boys, Fright Night, Near Dark.... and let's not forget The Monster Squad (though it's not just vamps).  That's why this book interests me so much.

The book starts by talking about the saturation of vampires in 80's entertainment and then gives stats classic vampires. After this section was are presented with a great collection of vamps presented in a monster of the week format. With A Stranger Comes to Town we're given a Salem's Lot inspired adventure idea. Technically Salem's Lot came out in 79 and isn't from the 80's, but it's close enough. This is followed by Ancient One. This vamp is very Dracula-like. Bump In The Night is an homage to the classic, Fright Night. The Lost Children section might be my favorite. If you couldn't guess, it's the homage to The Lost Boys. These are the weakest vamps in the book and there's a great chart about what happens when they die because "when a vampire bites it, it's never a pretty sight." Nosferatu - The Devourer of Beasts is a new pet eating beast. The Sangiest - The Blood Spirit is a rare breed of vampire that needs to bath in blood. Finally, The Thrall Keeper is just a creepy addition to any game. This vampire doesn't create vampiric brood but rather has a group of bonded mortals in it's service.

If you like vampires this book seems like it would be an invaluable addition to any Dark Places & Demogorgons collection. Even if you don't play that game, this is a great OSR vampire book. You can definitely take stuff form this to use in B/X or Labyrinth Lord.

You can grab the Vampire Sourcebook for Dark Places & Demogorgons in pdf (and print on demand) here or directly from Bloat Games here.


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    1. You're welcome. I can't wait to read more from this line.

  2. DAMNIT!!! I just bought a bunch of DP&D and I totally missed this.
    I NEED This!