Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Light City - Lady Fairplay

Lady Fairplay
Level 3 Brick
Real Name: Mary Lee
First Appearance: Bang-Up Comics #1 (December 1941)
Str 22 (+2)   Int 14
Dex 13         Wis 13
Con 14         Cha 15 (+1)
4 HD 20 Save: 14 Movement: 12
AC 6 [13]
Attacks: 1X Unarmed Strike, +3 to hit, 1d6+2 damage
Other: Leap movement rate, 2 in 6 chance to perform feat of strength

Light City school teacher, Mary Lee, was given powers through the experiments of Professor Amazo. She decided to use these powers to battle the criminal underworld as Lady Fairplay, Goddess of Chastisement. 


  1. Sorry, but "Goddess of Chastisement" just makes me giggle. Fifty Shades Of Light City?

    1. I imagine that she's very creative in the bedroom.