Friday, July 13, 2018

Jason Is Love

I was been cheeky on a friend's Facebook page and realized I've statted Jason Voorhees MANY times. Here's a collection of all the stat posts I've made for him (not counting related characters like Ash and Freddy).

  1. Jason Voorhees - Living and Undead (SURVIVE THIS! Dark Places & Demogorgons) 
  2. Jason Voorhees - Undead (Dungeon Crawl Classics)
  3. Jason Voorhees - Deadite/Jason Goes To Hell (Cinematic Unisystem - Specifically Army of Darkness)
  4. Jason Voorhees - Tom Savini video game design (Cinematic Unisystem)
  5. Jason Voorhees - Undead (Cinematic Uniystem)
  6. Jason Voorhees - Cybernetic Undead/Jason X (Cinematic Unisystem)
  7. Jaycee Voorhees - Lady Killers Fan Film (Cinematic Unisystem)
  8. Jason Voorhees - Undead (Classic Unisystem/All Flesh Must Be Eaten)
  9. Jason Voorhees - Reboot (Slashers & Victims Light/Swords & Wizardry Light
And as a bonus here's Shelley's Hockey Mask for Slashers & Victims Light/Swords & Wizardry Light.

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