Friday, January 13, 2017

Jason Vorhees (AFMBE)

Okay so he doesn't eat people, but Jason Vorhess is and undead killing machine so I thought it'd be fun to do Jason stats for All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Warning, he is a true monster and will slaughter your cast members... but then again isn't that part of the fun?

Jason Vorhees

Str: 7 Dex: 2  Con: 2
Int: 2  Per: 1 Wil: 2

DPs: -                                Strength: Monstrous Strength, Iron Grip, Hug of Death

EPs: n/a                             Senses: Like the Dead

Spd: 4                                Sustenance: Who Needs Food

Skills: Brawling 2                Intelligence: Problem Solving, Long-term Memory

Attack: Machete                  Spreading the Love: Nobody Loves Me (Coffee Break of the Living Dead)
d8 (4) X Str slashing

Weak Spot: None                Getting Around: Life-Like (appears to be Slow and Steady)

Power: 55

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