Friday, April 13, 2018

Slash, Slash, Slash...

Since it's Friday the 13th, I thought it would be a nice time to remind folks about Slashers & Victims Light and address an issue I have with it. You can download Slashers & Victims Light here at no cost. You also need Swords & Wizardry Light which is free and can be downloaded here. The game lets you do slasher movie based one shots or mini campaigns. I had a lot of fun making it and it was reasonably well received. It's kind of a sore spot for me though. 

I had grand plans to help get word out for the game. I created an email and offered to mail full color versions of the game and a unique slasher to everyone that emailed me. Unfortunately, that was right before I found out I had a bone infection and had to take a few months leave from work. Now I understand that things happen, but I still feel bad not following through with those promises then.  To any of you that never got your slashers, sorry about that. 

While I still love slashers, I haven't been in that mindset, so I've not really worked on anything for it recently. Still I did create some extra content for it, so here's an index of that material.

Reangent and Reanimated (Re-Animator Series)
Boyband Weakness (Slashstreet Boys Parody Video)
Shelley's Mask (Friday the 13th 3D)
Pool Party Killer and weedwacker (Pool Party Massacre)
Loved Ones (The Loved Ones)
Jason Vorhees - Reboot (Friday the 13th 2009)
Buddy Bacon and butcher axe (Slaughterhouse)
Razorback (Razorback)
Giant Killer Rabbit (Night of the Lepus)
Feral Boy (Welp)
Jack Frost (Jack Frost)
Camp Arawak Killer (Sleepaway Camp)
Cannibal Tribesman (Green Inferno)

Also don't forget to check out +Rafael Chandler's fantastic Night of the Slashers

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