Friday, May 20, 2011

Guest Stars - Lesbian Vampire Killers

While I know it's a bad movie, I'm a big fan of the British vampire flick, Lesbian Vampire Killers (released on DVD as Vampire Killers in the US). The movie centers around a couple of friends, Jimmy and Fletch, who go backpacking in the English country side to help Jimmy get over his ex. They stumble onto a town that is connected to one of Jimmy's ancestors, a curse, and of course Lesbian Vampires.

The movie is goofy as are the effects, but I really like this movie. In my game (that by gods I'm going to run one day), the trio continue their hunting. Lotte and Jimmy get married and Lotte joins the Watchers. I've attched pdf quicksheets I've statted up of the trio (and the Sword Daeldo).

Jimmy (and the Sword of Daeldo)




  1. Great to see this movie getting some love - and through the medium of Cinematic Unisystem! A double-win in my book! Thanks, Pun, and good luck with getting to run these characters eventually... I look forward to reading write-ups of their further adventures one day.

  2. I know the movie is cheesy, but it's my kind of cheesy.

    I love cinematic unisystem. Probably the most fun I've had gaming in the last 5 years was in a Buffy game. I think I'm going to do some more quicksheets of some of my favorite supernatural/horror film based characters.

    I'm thinking Ginger and Bridgett Fitzgerald (of the Ginger Snaps series) will be next.

  3. I haven't gotten round to the Ginger Snaps flicks yet, this might just persuade me ;)