Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Dead Redemption - Nigel West Dickens

For your pleasure, I introduce you to Nigel West Dickens. Mr. West Dickens is a tonics peddler and gentleman. He's also a wonderful npc to add to any western unisystem game.

Mr. Nigel West Dickens
Type: Norm

Strength 1 Intelligence 4
Dexterity 2 Perception 2
Constitution 2 Willpower 3
Life Points 34 Speed 6

Endurance Points 23 Essence Pool 14

Qualities: Hard to Kill 4, Photographic Memory, Resistance (Poison) 2

Drawbacks: Honorable 1, Adversary (Former Customers) 2

Skills: Acting 2, Cheating 1, Craft (Tonics)5 , Demolitions 1, Dodge 2, Driving (Wagon) 2, Gambling 1, Guns (Handguns) 1, Haggling 2, Humanities (Literature) 2, Humanities (Philosophy) 2, Language (Latin) 1, Riding (Horse) 1, Science (Chemistry) 2, Science (Biology) 1, Smooth Talk 2

Gear: Horse, Wagon, Derringer, Various Tonics, Zombie Bait (5 Vials)*

*Zombie must make a Difficult (9) Willpower test or be distracted by bait for 2d6 turns.


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  1. Awesome. While I don't play any Classic Unisystem games at the moment, this is still pretty sweet. I got Red Dead a few months ago...much fun...very much fun.