Saturday, January 26, 2013

Silent Hill

I've been a Silent Hill fan from the moment I played the first game. It wasn't the first survival horror game I played (Resident Evil 2 has that honor), but the franchise does have the honor of being my favorite. While not every game is golden (or rusty as the case may be), they are all atmospheric and creepy as hell. The second game was my favorite. There's something about fighting through a literal personal Hell that is quite rewarding. I liked the first movie. Strangely, I found Dahlia attractive and Sean Bean's character didn't die. I haven't watched the second one yet, but I know I will once it's released on dvd.
So, a few years ago I discovered a fan made Silent Hill rpg supplement. Messing around with things I rediscovered it and thought I'd share it with you guys.  Created  for the new World of Darkness, by Aranis and hosted on MrGone's page the pdf is really cool. It comes in at 66 pages and is set up just like any other nWoD book. Content wise, it contains info about creatures and happenings from the first three games and the first movie. Stats are given for all of the major npc's and creatures. There's some short fiction that runs throughout the book (like all nWoD books).  The changing nature of Silent Hill is addressed and different variations are presented. I think my favorite part is the discussion on customizing Silent Hill based on a character's Vice.

One of these days I'm going to finish the personal Silent Hill I've been working on for my best friend.

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