Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vampire Bite Follow Up - Blood of the Night

As you can see from the title, today's post is a follow up to my contribution to the Vampire Bite Blog Hop a few days ago. I mentioned one book that might be interesting  that I hadn't actually read {Pathfinder Companion: Blood of the Night), . Well Friday night I was at my former FLGS (The Guardtower in Columbus, OH) and picked it up.

What then Book says it has:
The book contains everything you need to play a vampire, a dhampir, or a vampire hunter.

What the book actually has:
Overview of vampire motivations, desires, etc.
Four Golarion specific vampire types (2 page spreads, sample vampire, and race traits for use with Advanced Player's Guide)
Player stats and overview ofr Dhampir (4 pages, including four variants based on Golarion vampires and race traits)
Playing Vampire characters (2 page spread on tips for players and GM's)
Vampiric Transformation Feats (3 on two pages, biggest space waster in book)
The Hunger (Special rules dealing with vampiric hunger, to me this makes it a must have for vampire players)
Vampires in Golarion (2 page overview, name says it all)
Vampire Hunters (2 pages, rather disappointing, just role recommendations for vampire hunters)
Feats (5 vampire slayer feats, 4 vampire feats)
Spells (6 spells, Steal Years and Transmute Wine to Blood are my favorites)
Magic Items (6 magic items, for use by and against vampires)

Should you buy it?
If you plan on playing a vampire or running a  Pathfinder campaign that prominently features vampires, then I think you should pick this one up.If not, then this is a pass.

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