Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who's Who - H.P. Lovecraft

Today I finally received my physical copies of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and Primeval. In honor of that I've decided to stat up a guest star that I plan on using occasionally, H.P. Lovecraft. Because of his appearance and the fact that he's starred in so many "Lovecraftian" movies (and as Lovecraft himself in the dreadful horror anthology "Necronomicon") I cast my favorite horror actor, Jeffrey Combs as Lovecraft. I know Lovecraft had many characters flaws and wasn't the adventurous sort, but I think he'd make an entertaining guest star. Plus, I like the idea of a few adventures with the Doctor inspiring some of his creations.

Name: Howard Philips Lovecraft
Species: Human
Home Tech Level: 4
Personal Goal: 
Story Points: 12

Awareness 4   Coordination 3
Ingenuity 5     Presence 2
Resolve 4        Strength 2

Brave [“Unphased” would be a better name], Face in the Crowd, Hypnosis, Photographic Memory, Psychic Training
Unadventurous, Unlucky

Convince 3, Craft 3 (Writing), Fighting 2, Knowledge 3 (Literature), Marksman 1, Medicine 1, Science 2,  Subterfuge 2

Sword Cane (Str+2)

Most people know HP Lovecraft as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th century. What many don’t know is that during his younger years he was also an occasional traveling companion and ally of the Doctor. Despite being a homebody, H.P. had several adventures with the Doctor (gaining inspiration for the creatures of his Mythos) though misfortune seemed to plague him.  


  1. Very nice. Doctor Who is a good choice for stating up real people.

    1. I'm thinking he's an ally early on and an enemy later. I really want to use Nyarlathotep as a big bad and Lovecraft would be a great servant.

  2. I like your choice of actor there, the mannerism and look are almost pitch perfect.

    1. I cast him before I remembered that he actually had played Lovecraft in Necronomicon. I just kept thinking of Herbert West and his character from the Frighteners.

  3. Very nice write up! Extreme kudos! You've given me an idea for a second (off-theme) post for H for today. :)

    You should submit this writeup for the "Diary of the Doctor Who RPGs" fanzine. I know they're always looking for content.


    1. I've checked out the fanzine, but never thought about submitting stuff. Thanks to your confidence booster, I think I will.