Monday, June 3, 2013

Review - Zogorion, Lord of Hippogriffs

The other day I came across mention of an interesting little module, Zogorion Lord of Hippogriffs. It was created by Jason at The Dungeon Dozen. Here's the blip from the site.

"It's a's a''s...some kind of hybrid...It's a 16 page booklet with a detached map/cover. For Swords & Wizardry and Oe games."

That's a nice little description of the physical product. The artwork is original and a lot of fun. You can check out more by the artists by going to Underworld Ink. Stylistically, the adventure is written in a manner more casual that typical modules. This didn't bother me and honestly I think it added to the overall feel of the product. Statted out using Swords & Wizardry, the book is very rules lite. You can easily run it with any old school edition of D&D (or any edition for that matter). Personally, I'll probably run this with Castles and Crusades once I get my game going.

The adventure introduces a unique (and in my honest opinion quite awesome) npc, the mighty Zog. Zog is just a really cool npc. I'm sure if you introduce him into your game, your players will never forget him.

Do yourself a favor and head over to The Dungeon Dozen and pick this up. It's only two bucks!

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