Sunday, June 23, 2013

Succubus Sunday - DCC Succubus

For today's Succubus Sunday I decided to come up with some stats. Dungeons Crawl Classics has been on my mind recently. One of the more interesting things about DCC is the ability of magic-users to serve unearthly patrons. I've been working on statting Lilith as a patron and had hoped to have her posted today. However, I had an unexpected (but welcome) guest this weekend and didn't get to finish it. I'll have her ready for next week. I still wanted to post something DCC related though, so I came up with homebrew stats for a Dungeon Crawl Classics succubus.

DCC is a game that assume all monsters are unique. I know that Lamentations of the Flame Princess takes a similar stance. However, the DCC book provides sample monster statistics and various charts and things to customize each encounter. I like to think of this as a base model succubus that you can add features on to to make her unique. Go crazy! Give her spells, more charm abilities, a bite attack (vagina dentata)...

Succubus - Type IV Demon

Init +8; Atk Draining Touch +10 melee (Drain Life) or Weapon +9  (Damage Varies).  AC 18; HD 8d12; MV 60’. fly 60'; Act 2d20; SP:   Shape Change (see below), Infravision, Telepathy, Darkness (+12 check), Immune to weapons of less than +3 and natural attacks from creatures 5 HD or less, half damage from fire, acid, cold, electricity, and gas, Unmarred Beauty (see below)  SV Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +10; AL Chaotic

Shape change:: The succubus may take an action to change shape. The new shape must be a female humanoid. This ability can be used to mimic individuals. 

Drain Life:  The succubus may choose to drain life with her touch. If she so chooses, her touch deals 1d3 points of  Strength damage

Unmarred Beauty:  At the beginning of combat all non-Eunuch men must make a DC 20 Will save. If they fail the unholy charms of the succubus prevents them from harming the succubus. Anyone affected by Unmarred Beauty make a new save vs the ability at the start of their turn. Any one hit must make a new check versus the Unmarred Beauty due the unholy nature of her touch.

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