Sunday, July 28, 2013

Succubus Sunday - Mythic Menagerie: Demonic Harlots

I'm not sure how I haven't heard about this before, but the cool cats at Super Genius Games made a succubus monster collection for their Mythic Managerie line for Pathfinder.

At 4.99, Mythic Managerie: Demonic Harlots is a 16 page pdf (counting cover, forward, and page for ogl). It includes a page primer on succuibi, including mentioned incubi, a brief discussion on souls as currency, and the mention of another queen of succubi. The demonic tempters ranger between CR
 and 14. Below you'll find a brief description:

Agitator (CR 10) -  Succubi that can cause "emotional flares" in their opponents, causing them to act our of character and putting them in dangerous situations. These succubi feed on emotions.
Cursed of Epithumia (CR 14) - These succubi have been cursed by the succubus queen, Epithumia and have been twisted and tortured. They may use the molten iron that was used to scar them to their favor (by vomiting it as a weapon or cutting themselves and using it as armor)
Dark Mistress (CR 9) - Shadow Demon/Succubus hybrid
Puppeteer (CR 8) - Succubus that seek to ingrain themselves in mortal society and dominate and seduce to cause chaos and evil to spread
Thyiadis (CR 6) - savage succubi that prefer the taste chaotic taste of the fey
Tormentors (CR 11) - BDSM succubi that have the ability to make others desire pain

The book also contains 5 feats, 5 magic items, and 5 spells (all succubus themed).

I thoroughly enjoyed this volume of Mythic Managerie. If you play Pathfinder (or want some succubi ideas), check it out.

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