Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day of the Doctor, Triffids, and 200 Posts

Today is the big day. I know many of you are Whovians too. Unfortunately, I have plans and won't get to watch it until tomorrow.

Google has a simple, but fun game today on its page. I also want to take this time to plug a free indie hip hop tribute to Doctor Who. Rapper, More or Les, has released his love letter to the Doctor, Bigger on the Inside: A Time Traveler's Mix Tape.I have one word to describe it... fantastic!

In honor of the day (and one of my latest movie purchases), I'm going to stat out the infamous Triffids for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space (and Primeval). Note that my triffids are based on the 1962 film with some inspiration drawn from this post. Also, if you aren't familiar with Threat (a creature attribute from Primeval) ignore it, and allow the Triffid to use the stinger ability once or twice an encounter. Also, if you aren't familiar with triffids, check out the movie, one of the series, the book, or the wikipedia article.

Home Period: Unknown

Awareness 2 Coordination 2
Ingenuity 1
Presence 2  Resolve 5
Strength 8

Speed: Slow     Small: Big
Maximum Threat: 10
Threshold: 5

Armour (Minor Good): Triffids unique plant physiology allows them to shrug off most damage. Electricity, fire, and cold attacks ignore this armour.
Fast Healing (Special Good): Unless the damage is caused by fire or salt water, triffids can heal back from nearly any wound.
Fear Factor (Minor Good): Triffids are are frightening to behold and create an unnerving sound when they move.
Immunity (Major Good): The aforementioned physiology effectively renders triffids immune to damage from bullets.
Natural Weapons (Minor Good): Triffids can make slam attacks with their large stalks.
Poison (Special Good): The triffid's stinger is injects a deadly poison. A person infected with it must make a Strength and Resolve check against a Difficulty of 12, once every hour. If they fail the check they are rendered unconscious.  They must make the check every hour until a cure is found and administered. On a disastrous Failure, the victim dies.
Weakness (Major Bad): Being plants, triffids, are weak against fire and cold attacks (these attacks are doubly effective). In addition salt water quickly kills the creatures, causing them to dissolve.

Threat Powers
Stinger (1 Threat): The triffid can spend 1 threat to shoot a poisonous tendril at it's prey. This attack only does have the damage of the creature's slam attack (+ plus poison), but the triffid can make an extra stinger attack each round at the cost of one Threat per attack.

Skills: Athletics 2, Fighting 3, Marksmen 3, Subterfuge 3, Survival 2

I haven't tested these yet, but comparing them to other stats from the book, they seem to be on par. 

I also wanted to mention that this is my 200th post. I hope the next 200 occur more frequently and are more substantial. 

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  1. If you want to look further into this you want to watch the seeds of doom, Krynoids are excellent and would go well with Triffids.