Saturday, December 14, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day Eleven: Favorite Adventure You Have Ran

Day 11 - Favorite Adventure I Have Ran

My first group and I never really used modules much. We always prefered to make our own adventures. I didn't really run many until I got into college (and even though, I used them sparingly). Still, having less free time and more responsiblities, I understand that modules can be helpful.

As I mentioned the other day, I LOVE FREEPORT! I ran the 3.5 update of the Freeport Trilogy and it was phenomenal. The adventure was a lot of fun and contained a good mix of cinematic action and the Yellow Sign (my personal favorite mythos creation). I loved running the adventure, even if players and party mix wasn't the best. I prefaced the game by telling them that it was a supernatural adventure set in a pirate city. Still they complained at every turn about the city and it's untrustworthy nature (PIRATES!). I also allowed them to make whatever they wanted (big mistake). I had a warforged artificer.... because you know 900 lb living golems can swim if they get knocked into the ocean. I also had an anthropomorphic elephant man barbarian.... I still don't get it or the appeal, I think the player just liked anthropomorphic animal people. My last player was a whisper gnome theif on the run... I know he just made a whisper gnome because he was min/maxing but he was the best player and most suited character for the game.

All this being said the adventures themselves were great and I'd love to run them again for a more receptive group.

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