Monday, December 9, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day Six: Favorite Diety

Day 6 - Favorite Diety
I'm cheating a little bit today. My favorite diety, isn't technically a diety, he's a demon lord (which is really damn close). Graz'zt has always had a special place in my dark heart.  The Dark Prince is a former Duke of Hell that was corrupted by the chaos of the Abyss. He's a sauve corrupter that surrounds himself with succubi, what's not to love?  I also love his connection to Iggwilv and witches.



  1. I am rather fond of Graz'zt and Iggwilv myself.

    1. He's a demon lord with some real character, plus he's all about witches and succubi. You really can't go wrong with that. Iggwilv, well she's fantastic too.