Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cats (Now With Battle Armor)

The other day I found an interesting post over at Geeks Are Sexy.

These pictures reminds me of the one of the strangest character concepts I had (and honestly would have had a blast playing).

The character was a cat psion. I know it sounds strange, but hear me out (then judge as much as you want).

He was a high level wizards familiar (which is why he had human level intelligence), who's master died in the Underdark fighting mindflayers. Somehow he survived and due to all of the strange radiation of the underdark and energies of the battle with the illithids, his psionic potential was unlocked. He was found by an adventuring party and returned to the surface.
I know, it's a messed up and limited character concept, but I thought it would be fun and remember you could make damn near anything in 3E. Perhaps one day while dm'ing this character will make an appearance as an npc.

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