Saturday, January 18, 2014

King Kong DCC

The other night I picked up the extended 3 disc version of Peter Jackson's King Kong on clearance at a local Half Price Books. I was quite pleased, because the movie had been on my mind (though I'm not sure what brought it up). 

I think Skull Island would be the perfect DCC adventure spot. You could even have a series of adventures there. The characters obviously aren't filming a movie so I think the best way to get the party there is either promise of magic lore (perhaps a long dead archmage had a lair on the island) or the need to retrieve a cure or poison of some sort from a plant or animal only found on the island.  

I was going to stat out the various creatures of the island, but a many already 
have stats in the core book that work.

Skull Island Natives
Use Subhuman stats

Use Giant Ape-Man stats

Use Giant Lizard stats

Deinacrida Rex 
Use Cave Cricket stats


Vile Meat Weasel
Use Colossal Leach stats


Use Man-Bat stats

The only thing really missing would be Vastatosaurus Rex stats. If any of the adventures or books have T-Rex stats, those would work just fine.

In addition the following creatures make sense to add to the island: Giant Ant, Bat, Giant Beetle, Cave Octopus, Giant Centipede, Insect Swarm, Killer Bee, Primeval Slime, Pterodactyl, Giant Rat, Giant Scorpion, Underdark Slug, Giant Snake, Vombis Leech.

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