Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Her Ghost in the Fog

This is the first of two npc/monster posts based on the Cradle of Filth songs, Her Ghost In The Fog and Swansong for a Raven. Also, I am familiar with the Women in Refrigerator trope, the story below (while embellished is taken straight from the song).

Clarissa's story is a sad one. Orphaned as a teenager she had to struggle to take care of herself. To make matters worse, she was a beautiful and intelligent follower of the old ways in a village of self righteous Christians who thought a woman's place was in the home, subservient to her husband. The men of the village lusted after her, and the women envied her. Chief among these men was the village priest.

Her only respite came in the form of Dani, the son of the local blacksmith. The two young lovers  planned to elope and leave the village. Unfortunately their dreams were not to be. One dark eve, the priest and a few of his "pious" spied on her gathering herbs, by the light of the moon. Mad with lust the men forced themselves upon and killed Clarissa. They left her body, laid bare in a clearing. They might possibly have gotten away with their crime, had the church bell tower key been trod into the earth...

The crimes committed against Clarissa caused her to rise as undead spirit. Her once bright flame, is now darkened by the specter of death. Clarissa would have her revenge against those that wronged her so, but it would not come from her spectral hands, but rather those of her dearest Dani...
Clarissa, the Ghost in the Fog
Armor: as leather
HD 4
HP 20
Move 120' [levitate]
Attacks: 1d4 cold with touch plus they must make a save or be paralyzed for 1d3 rounds
Special Abilities: 
Jealous Heaven Holds No Power - If a Christian cleric attempts to cast Turn Undead on Clarissa her HD are considered to be 4 higher. In addition, any damage dealt to Clarissa by weapons is halved (unless the weapon is made of cold iron or enchanted).


  1. Not my style of music, so this explains why I've never heard of the group. Still, inspiration for gaming ideas comes from real life.You are able to translate something from your enjoyment in real life into something everyone in the RPG world can share in. I am sure everyone does not share my tastes, but I hope my ideas in RPGs are useful and enjoyable.

    I look forward to sharing the A to Z Blogging Challenge with you.

    1. It's not normally my style either, but there is some Cradle of Filth I like.

      I'm looking forward to checking your posts as well.