Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Games on the Horizon

I've been hanging out with an old friend and I'm pretty excited about two games that she and I have in the works. The first game is a yet to be titled cinematic unisystem game. While I'm technically using Buffy as the core rulebook, the setting will be an amalgamation. I'm pulling things from Ghosts of Albion and Army of Darkness as well. I'd like to get a hold of Eldritch Skies too. The game will be set in the fictional town of Brouillard Rouge (Red Fog). Blame it on my recent addiction to True Blood and the movies I've watched recently. It's just a one on one games, and my player is super psyched. She created a outcast/new girl high school student returning to her hometown after years of living in the big city. She's a gypsy by nature (and blood) and has some unknown ties to the supernatural. The character's been made and she has unspent quality points. Her powers/abilities are up to me. I have some interesting things in mind...

I want to include some southern monsters and legends, so the skunk ape and a few other creatures will be making appearances. I'm going definitely include some of the things I've learned studying voodoo as well. I'm expecting to use werewolves, zombies, vampires, and deep ones. I may even include a mermaid or two.

The other game we're working on (again another one on one) is a revival of our favorite characters. Ulic is going to reunite with his tiefling wife (after many years). I will be the player for the first part of the game (which will use 3.5 rules). However, we're giving the characters another go and after a few sessions they will get a reboot and start as level 1 characters on Golarion (using Pathfinder). I'm even taking his wings away. I will be running the early sessions of Pathfinder and then we'll switch off. This may seem lame to some. Why not just make new characters? I will tell you why. We love these ones and want to give them another shot.

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