Tuesday, April 8, 2014

F is for Fortune Teller

If you could know the future, would you want too? Personally, I wouldn't. However, seers, prophets, and fortune tellers are a common element of fantasy that I really enjoy. They're best if used sparingly, but these visionaries can be wonderful plot points and sources of information.  I also have an interest in tarot. I have a few friends that read cards. I own a Thoth Tarot and an Enochian Scrying Tarot. I also have the Pathfinder Harrow deck, which is a lot of fun.

Gazing into my crystal ball, I see that F is for Fortune Teller...

Mad Mag

If you're walking through Cheap Side, you have a chance of running across Mad Mag. The vagrant can often be found ranting and raving to an audience that only she can see. Despite her disheveled appearance, Mag is still quite beautiful.

While most avoid her, some actively seek her out. Despite her seeming madness, Mag has clairvoyant abilities. Many believe she's a witch or seer. Some say she's a fallen angel or risen fiend. Still others claim that she's the last survivor of a royal bloodline from a distant land (and that she's not as mad as she seems).

Mag's Visions

At the DM's discretion Mad Mag may call upon her abilities to help a particular PC. Roll a d12 and consult the table below. The result may be adjusted at the DM's discretion based on the PC's recent actions and treatment of Mag.

1 (or less) -A hex upon you! - The PC has offended some power. For the next week the player suffers a -1 penalties to all to hit rolls.
2-7 - Something things must be done by mortals alone. - Mag gives the player a bit of advice, but no magical aid is gained.
8 - Fate will intervene. - Destiny gives a helping hand to PC. The next time they would be forced to make a saving throw, the player receives a +4 bonus to their next saving throw.
9 -The gods *chuckle* or perhaps something more sinister smiles upon you. - For the next week the PC gains a +1 bonus on all to hit rolls.
10 - What is the object of your heart's desire? - Mag casts a Locate Object spell. The player simply needs to tell Mag the object to be located.
11 - Through stranger eyes you will find guidance. - The player gains the ability to see through another's eyes. Treat this as a Clairvoyance spell.
12 - I am their vessel. - The greater powers speak through Mag. Treat this as a Commune spell
13+ - They aren't done with you yet. - The next time the player would be reduced to 0 or fewer hit points they are returned to life at 1 HP.

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