Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Jester

I don't like clowns. They bother me. There's something about the fake painted faces and perpetual smiles that I find unnerving. That being said I love medieval jesters and fools. They're interesting when used normally, they're even better when they're dark and twisted. Cicero of the Dark Brotherhood is one of my favorites. Zak at Playing D&D with Porn Stars had a short but sweet post about cults (which were based on DC villains).

Beware the masked fool, but J is for Jester...

Harleen of Quinzel

art by Liamythesh
Harleen of Quinzel is a mad jester and high cultist of the Cult of the God Who Laughs. She's a dangerous vixen who delights in carnage with murderous glee.

Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 5
HP: 30
Move: 180' (60')
Attacks: Hammer
Damage: 1-6
Save As: Thief 5
Morale: 11
Alignment: Chaotic

Harleen of Quinzel has the following Thief abilities: Open Locks 35, Remove Traps 30, Pick Pockets 40, Move Silently 40, Climb Sheer Surfaces 91, Hide in Shadows 30, and Hear Noise 1-3. She also gains a +4 to attack and deals double damage when striking unnoticed.

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