Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Vampire

I know those of you that have been reading my posts are really "surprised" by this post. Yup, more undead, that's just how I roll. I've written about vampires quite a bit on here. Last year I participated in the Vampire Bite Blog Hop. You can read my post here. If you've ever wanted to play a vampire in any edition of D&D, check it out. I've collected my past vampire posts here. Instead of an npc (do I really need to post another undead npc, probably not right now), I give you a couple of spells (which I've nicknamed Tru Blood) and the stats for the defanged, poor vampire wretches I've mentioned before.

Get your stake read, V is for Vampire...

New Spells

Blood to Wine I
1st Level Magic-User and Elf Spell
Range 0
Duration: Permanent

The caster mixes a small amount of his blood (at least 1 HP worth) with a glass of wine. He then says a quick prayer to the Sanguine Lords. Upon completion of the spell, the wine in the glass in transformed into blood. Note, due tot he material component of this spell, the caster must be alive.

Blood to Wine II
3rd Level Magic-User and Elf Spell
Range 0
Duration: Permanent

As per Blood to Wine I, except there is no blood requirement and the spell can affect a bottle of wine, instead of merely a glass.

The "defanged" are vampires that are captured by the Midnight Society and used for training Midnight Duelists. The vampires have been whipped, defanged, and secured with various things harmful to vampires (such as garlic and holy symbols). 

AC: 4, HD: 2d12, HP 16, #AT: 1 D: 1d8+2, MV 120' (40'), 180' (60'), SV: F2, ML: 10, AL: N or C
Equipment: Wooden Sword

Defanged vampires have some of the abilities of their free bretheren. They are immune to sleep, charm, and hold spells. In addition they are immune to poison, have darkvision, and have 99% Move Silently. Finally they regenerate 1 HP a round.

However, like other vampires, the Defanged have several weaknesses. They can be turned as Ghouls (2 HD), sunlight will destroy them, they must be invited into a home, and they are repelled by a strongly presented holy symbol. 

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