Sunday, May 25, 2014

Succubus Sunday Bonus - Succubot (DCC)

I really don't know what inspired this post. I just wanted to do another Dungeon Crawl Classics post and it's Succubus Sunday... somehow this came to mind. One of the fun things about DCC is that you can throw future tech and robots into your game without too much explanation and it's just accepted. That's one of the fun things about Appendix N style adventures. Why is the Succubot in your DCC game? Perhaps she was a companion of Zepes Null-Eleven or  Boratus. But really does it matter why she's there? She a sex robot assassin for gods' sake.
Art by Hajime Sorayama

Aphroditron 969 (aka the Succubot)

Like all androids of her series, Aphroditron 969 is a pleasure bot. Programmed with more than 6 million pleasure subroutines, her owner added a set of wings and a prototype Farnsworth engine that allows her to fly (he was somewhat obsessed with angels). He also installed an illegal reverse life conductor and turned her into an assassin.

He would eventually meet his end by her hands. One night after returning from a mission Aphroditron seduced her master before he could deactivate her 1st Law inhibitor. After draining him, she fled into the neon night of the city.

Eventually she found herself in the strange Known World. She adopted the name Succubot and seeks a worthy companion, leaving a trail of trail of drained men  and women (robosexuality is not prudish) in her wake.

Aphroditron 969, the Succubot: Init +4, Atk slam +4 (1d8); AC 20; HD 3d8+6; hp 25; MV 30', Fly  50' ; Act 1d20; SP drain life, infravision 60', immune to mind-altering spells, heal 2 HP per round; SV Fort +5, Ref +0, Will +6; AL N

Aphroditron 969 can use her drain life ability on any victim she engages in sexual contact with. The target takes 1d20 damage and she heals that amount of HP damage. In addition the victim feels so good during the act that they don't perceive this as damage (unless they're into pain). At the end of the act the victim must make a DC 20 or fall unconscious for 2d6 hours.

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