Monday, June 23, 2014

Free RPG Day 2014

As most of you know, this past Saturday was Free RPG Day. A really cool game shop in Columbus, Ravenstone Games, was a participant. One fine gentleman ran the DCC adventure, Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box. You can read his report over at Random Encounters (in Ohio). Unfortunately for me I was unable to play because of work. However, I did stop by Ravenstone Games after work. One of the gents and the owner (two of the three picture in the REiO post) were still there and we chatted for a while. I had a really good time talking with them and it has inspired me to fight my normal anxiety and join up with some of the gaming groups there (though it will have to wait until after my son goes back to stay with his mom). If you want to hear more about Ravenstone Games, you can check out with Tim Snider over at The Savage AfterWorld thought of it, here.

Okay, on to the swag. Because it was the end of the day I was able to pick up a couple of books. I grabbed A Druid's Lament and Make Your Own Luck. Make Your Own Luck looks like a lot of fun. The characters (who are only 2nd level) are involved in defending a  town from siege trolls and protecting an important item. While I think it looks great, it also looks like something that a lot of OSR people would hate. I say this because much like 4th Edition, your characters a big deal. They may not be the most powerful characters in the world (the Icons they serve are), but they are superstars. 13th Age is a game I want to pick up, I just haven't pushed myself to do so. I will eventually though. A Druid's Lament is a mid level C&C adventure. I haven't fully read through it, but it looks nice. I like the adventure location. There's a cool story involving a druid getting help from the old gods (which isn't quite what she expected)  and a few new magic items and interesting encounters.

While I don't have them yet, a  friend of mine at Super-Fly Comics and Games in Yellow Springs held a copy of The Doom-Cave of the Crystal Headed Children and the Goodman Games offering. I looked through both at Ravenstone and they look cool. I don't know how much mileage I will get out of the Doom-Cave. It's original and all, but unless I decide to run it as a one-shot, I don't ever see myself playing it. Don't get me wrong I might take a few of Raggi's monsters/encounters, but this adventure just doesn't seem like something I'd run. The Goodman Games offering looks fantastic. The DCC adventure looks fun. It's a first level endeavor, that again you can read about over at Random Encounters (in Ohio). The second part of the book is a mid level Maximum XCrawl adventure. Maximum XCrawl is the Pathfinder update to XCrawl. If you aren't familiar XCrawl is a modern day fantastical tv gladiatoial games rpg. Think American Gladiators with dwarves, death, swords, goblins, and hip-hop. Oh and the Roman Empire never fell... They currently have a kickstarter for it going on right now. Eventhough I said I need to slow down on my support of kickstarters, I'm most like going to back this one. It just seems like a really fun setting.

How was your Free RPG Day?

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