Friday, July 11, 2014

Half-Price Books Finds

Today is payday and though I don't have much to spare (day care is expensive) I decided to go to Half-Price Books on my lunch. The gaming section of the store I went to has been on a decline the past few months, but I did find two books I wanted.

The first in the Dungeons and Dragons Gazetteer. This is the thin (32 page) Greyhawk Gazetteer that came out during the early days of 3.0. I've been gaming for a while so I have quite a bit of Greyhawk knowledge, but still having handy summaries of the countries and gods is nice. Plus it's a nice supplement to the giant Greyhawk poster maps I have from Dragon Magazine.

The other book I picked up was Chill Vampires. I blame Tim at the The Other Side blog for this one. He's talked about Chill several times. I've never played it. The only other book I have for the system is Creature Feature. Still the book looked cool and I thought I'd pick it up.

Together these bad boys were only about 8 bucks (after my 10% off educator discount).  Not bad, not bad at all...

Camera lens is scratched... sorry about the picture quality.


  1. "Vampires" is a great sourcebook for any system. Rather than general "different kinds of vampires," the sourcebook gives you specific legendary vampires to contend with (Jackson Jammer is a personal fave). Chill is a great RPG, whether first or second edition (and, of course, Cryptworld is compatible with that new Pacesetter supplement of yours).

    1. I've been reading your Cryptworld posts. Looks like I need to get a copy.

  2. Vampires is easily one of my most favorite RPG books ever. Not just Chill, but out of all my books.

    And yes, Jackson Jammer is a kick-ass vampire.
    I did Unisystem conversion of him a while back. Gotta find that.

    1. I've just skimmed it, but it seems really cool. After replying to Mr. Snider's comment I went ahead and purchased the Cryptworld pdf from Goblinoid Games' site.