Thursday, July 24, 2014


Recently on Twitter and Facebook I keep seeing #ImSo(Name of Place). This morning to poke fun at I started posting D&D versions. I thought I'd post a few here.

#ImSoDarkSun I remember when Athas was green.
#ImSoForgottenRealms I survived the SpellPlague and the Time of Troubles.
#ImSoRavenloft I remember when when Ravenloft was just an adventure.
#ImSoGreyhawk I remember when the Great Kingdom was actually great.
#ImSoEberron I remember when Khorvaire was a united nation.
#ImSoPlanescape I've been sent to the Maze, three times.
#ImSoDragonlance I rode with Lord Soth, while he was still human.
#ImSoPathfinder that I know what happened on Cayden Cailean's Test of the Starstone.
#ImSoSpelljammer that I fought in all of the Unhuman Wars and survived.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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