Friday, August 8, 2014

Gratuitous 5E Post of the Day

Most of you know the Player's Handbook and Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen released today at Wizards Play Network stores. I know a few of you have already picked up your copies. The store I ordered my copies from won't have theirs until the regular street date, though I was able to look through the PHB when one of my players picked it up and I was able to look through it during my lunch break. It's a beautiful book.

The free online supplement  for Hoard of the Dragon Queen is available. It's a 30 page document (29 if you don't count the title page). There's a 1.25 pages of magic items, 20 pages of monsters, and 7 pages of spells. The spells list levels, but not the class that can cast them specifically (they are spells that are tied to magic items or monster/npc stats). Add this to the already free D&D Basic Rules and you have what you need to start playing 5E right now (and will have all you need once the core books are released).

Goodman Games has has announced to 5E compatible adventures that will be available at Gen Con. The first is Glitterdoom, a 3rd level adventure tied to a cursed dwarven hold. The book includes a new background and dwarf subrace. The second adventure is The Fey Sisters' Fate. It involves investigation the disappearance of a militia that was sent to help allied fey. In addition to the adventure, the book contains a new background and two new spells. Both books are about 16 pages and will retail for 9.99. I'm giving a friend money and hoping he's able to pick them up for me.

Necromancer Games 5E kickstarter is still going on. Right now only two of the three books have been unlocked, but there's still twenty six days to go and we're less than three thousand from the third book being unlocked. The  monster book, Fifth Edition Foes is at 230 monsters. A preview monster can be viewed by going here. Quests of Doom: Adventures Worth Winning is at six adventures. Book of Lost Spells hasn't been unlocked yet, but you can check out the potential spell list by following the link here. The books are 40 dollars for print through the kickstarter. This is five less than they'll retail, plus you get the pdf and free shipping (if you're within the continental US).

Also, just a reminder, Necromancer Games has a free 1st level adventure, The Wizard's Amulet, that includes pre-gens and a new (old school) monster, the leucrocuta (adult and young).

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